A peek behind the paper – Jibanananda Mishra & Jiban Jyoti Panda on short peptide-based smart-targeted cancer nanotherapeutics

Written by Jiban Jyoti Panda (Institute of Nano Science and Technology), Jibanananda Mishra (Lovely Professional University)

Cancer nanotherapeutics blue buckminsterfullerene nanostructure for drug delivery gold particles

Take a look behind the scenes of a recent editorial article published in Therapeutic Delivery entitled: ‘Short peptide-based smart targeted cancer nanotherapeutics: a glimmer of hope’, as we ask authors, Jibanananda Mishra and Jiban Jyoti Panda about their work on cancer nanotherapeutics for improved targeting in cancer treatment.  Dr Jibanananda Mishra is an experienced cell biologist and proficient biomedical scientist presently working as an Associate Professor in the School of Bioengineering and Biosciences, and Dept. of Research Development, Lovely Professional University (Punjab, India). He completed his PhD in cell and molecular biology at the School of Life Sciences, Sambalpur University,...

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