A peek behind the paper – Thomas Webster on the use of micelles in treatment of lung diseases

Written by Thomas Webster (Northeastern University)

Alveoli of the lung with nanoparticle micelles on pink background

Take a look behind the scenes of a recent research article published in Nanomedicine entitled: ‘Macrophage escape by cholesterol-polyoxyethylene sorbitol oleate micelles for pulmonary delivery’, as we ask lead author Thomas Webster (Northeastern University, Boston, USA) about his work regarding micelles as immunotherapeutics in the treatment of lung diseases.  Read the full article here Please could you introduce yourself and give a short summary of your research career? Sure, I am Thomas J Webster, the Art Zafiropoulo Chair in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University in Boston (NU; MA, USA). I am also the founding editor of the...

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