About The Nanomed Zone

Launched in 2020, The Nanomed Zone is a free platform, which, in partnership with our sister journal Nanomedicine, aims to report on new technologies and enable the collaboration between all players in the field – from academic and industrial researchers to those investigating clinical applications – under the broad nanotechnology umbrella. We offer access to breakthrough research and insightful, engaging resources including breaking news, peer-reviewed articles, webinars and articles from key opinion leaders. By bringing together this community we hope to illuminate the advances in the field as they unfold and encourage essential discussions that will help to shape the future of nanotechnology in this exciting era.

Mission statement

At The Nanomed Zone we are dedicated to advancing nanomedicine and nanotechnology by raising awareness, publishing insightful content and providing a space for all fields encompassed in the Zone to communicate.

About Nanomedicine 

Nanomedicine is a MEDLINE-indexed, peer-reviewed journal from the Future Science Group (London, UK) covering the important challenges and advances in medical nanoscale-structured material and devices, biotechnology devices, and molecular machine systems and nanorobotics. This uniquely medicine-focused journal is a valuable information source for all players in the field – academic, industrial and clinical researchers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, regulatory authorities, and others across the scientific community. A wide range of invited and unsolicited articles are considered, including original research, narrative and systematic reviews, and opinion pieces. The journal offers rapid and open access publishing options.

About Future Science Group

Future Science Group, founded in 2001, is independently owned. Future Science Group’s portfolio consists of two imprints, Future Medicine and Future Science. Both publish books and journals. In addition to this core publishing business, Future Science Group develops specialist community-driven websites. Key titles and sites include Oncology Central, Future Oncology and the award-winning Regenerative Medicine.

The aim of Future Science Group is to serve the advancement of clinical practice and drug research by enhancing the efficiency of communication among clinicians, researchers and decision-makers, and by providing innovative solutions to their information needs. This is achieved through a customer-centric approach, use of new technologies, products that deliver value-for-money and uncompromisingly high standards.

The people behind The Nanomed Zone

Meet the team
Ilana Landau
Lauren Pulling
Dionne Murray
Head of Advertising
Alice Bough
Commissioning Editor, Nanomedicine