Editor’s highlights from Nanomedicine – August 2020

Written by Alice Bough (Future Science Group)

Editor's picks from Nanomedicine August 2020 osteogenesis

In this latest instalment of her regular monthly column, Alice Bough, Commissioning Editor of Nanomedicine, exclusively shares some of her top picks from the recent journal issues, including a Research article in which bone implants have been coated with extracellular matrix to ensure osseointegration, which we have made freely available for you, The Nanomed Zone members! This month, I’ve chosen to focus on articles discussing the use of nanotechnology to repair bone tissue and promote osteogenesis.                                                                     Biomimetic titanium implant coated with extracellular matrix enhances and accelerates osteogenesis Titanium implants are widely used in both dentistry and medicine, but their use...

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