Nanomedicine Special Focus Issue: functional nanomaterials in cancer therapy

Recent years have seen significant advancements made in the field of cancer therapy and research, with approaches such as immunotherapy and personalized/targeted treatments showing great promise. However, challenges and areas for improvement in the field still remain, including, for example, with respect to drug delivery methods and targeting. 

Due to their nanosize, functional nanomaterials, nanomaterial-based biosensors and nanotherapeutics hold promise for: helping improve delivery methods for cancer therapies; increasing the stability, bioavailability and solubility of certain drugs; helping drugs to cross barriers; and directing them to targeted treatment sites. However, the range and extent of applications, as well as the safetytoxicity and efficacy of these approaches, remain not fully explored. 

In this feature, to coincide with a recently published Nanomedicine Special Focus Issue on functional nanomaterials in cancer therapy, we bring you behind-the-paper interviews from authors of some of the latest research published in the Special Focus Issue, exploring challenges facing the field, what the future of the field may look like and more!

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