Nanobowl-liposomes could improve chemotherapeutic drug delivery

Written by Rhiannon Finnie (Future Science Group)

Nanobowel liposomes chemotherapeutics
Credit: Nano Letters, doi:10.1021/acs.nanolett.0c00495 (2020)

For many years, scientists have experimented with using liposomes for targeted delivery of chemotherapy drugs to tumor sites. However, these vesicles are prone to leaking drugs before they reach the target site, reducing the dose and potentially damaging healthy tissue. In response to this, researchers have recently developed a method for stabilizing liposomes by embedding a stiff nanobowl into their cavity. Various methods have previously been attempted to prevent liposomes from leaking, including coating the surfaces with polymers or crosslinking lipids in their bilayers.  These modifications can result in altered properties of the liposomes and lead them to interact with...

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