Nanofiber membranes transformed into 3D scaffolds for biomedical applications

Written by Rhiannon Finnie (Future Science Group)

nanofiber scaffold sc

A group of researchers from the University of Nebraska Medical Center (NE, USA) have combined gas combing (a blend of chemicals that induces gas bubbling) and 3D molding technologies to rapidly transform electrospun nanofiber membranes into complex 3D shapes for biomedical applications, such as tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and tissue modeling. Their method is the first to successfully demonstrate formation of 3D neural tissue constructs with an ordered structure through differentiation of human neural progenitor stem cells on the transformed 3D nanofiber scaffolds. Jingwei Xie (University of Nebraska Medical Center) explained: “Electrospinning is a technology to produce nanofiber membranes. The...

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