In vitro tumor microenvironment sensing: one step closer to personalized medicine

Written by Anil Chandra, Saumya Prasad, Giuseppe Gigli and Loretta L. del Mercato (Institute of Nanotechnology, National Research Council (CNR-NANOTEC), Lecce, Italy)

Genotyping tumor microenvironment

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases to date. Due to the variation in types of cancer, treatment remains a challenge. This variation even exists within the same cancer type between patients and even within tumors [1]. The interpatient variability at the genetic level is a major driving factor behind the failure of treatment response. As the metabolic pathways are extraordinarily complex, the probability of a similar set of mutations in each patient is very unlikely, therefore, there is a huge demand for personalized treatment, where each patient could be treated based on their condition. One step in this direction...

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