Using computational tools to design new nanomedicines

Written by Igor Balaz (University of Novi Sad), Namid Stillman (University of Bristol), Sabine Hauert (University of Bristol), Scott McCormick (University of Bristol)

EVONANO computational tool algorithm

Our project, EVONANO, is a collaborative effort funded by the European Union (FET Horizon 2020) between seven partner organizations – universities, hospitals and private manufacturers. EVONANO is organized around two main research hubs: in silico computational modeling (PFNS, UB, UWE and AAU) and in vitro and in vivo experimental work (IMDEA, VHIR and PCS). By taking the latest novel algorithms for simulating cancerous tumor microenvironments and nanoparticle motion, we intend to create a parallelized computational platform that can determine optimal parameters for nanomedicines. We also intend to create a pipeline of moving from this computational model to a manufacturer to...

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