Welcome to The Nanomed Zone

Editor of The Nanomed Zone, Lucy Chard, welcomes you to the new website, giving an overview of what is to come. 


Lucy Chard: You’ve all heard of Nanomedicine the journal, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a space where you could discuss the research, keep up to date with the latest news and have access to exclusive original content? Well, luckily, that’s exactly what Future Science Group have created in The Nanomed Zone. The Nanomed Zone is a free online platform, which, in partnership with our sister journal Nanomedicine, aims to report on new technologies and enable collaboration between all players in the field under the broad nanotechnology umbrella.


Lucy Chard: We will bring you this information in new and engaging formats, whether you prefer to read, listen, or watch. We hope to encourage this community to work together to help shape the future of nanotechnology in this new and exciting era. Welcome to The Nanomed Zone.